This is my art! Drawn by me! :) hope ya like! Remember, I love feedback! More to come soon! :) and I know some of these totally suck, but a friend wanted me to et 'em up... the newest are at the top... .sorta.... Newest added 2-12-99.

December 11, 2001/2 - Stupid Tripod's changed stuff. Bakas. For stuff, go here.

Also, here has other art.

This stuff is all.. well.. old. 99, I think? Icky stuff.

5/16 marauder2.jpg
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm done! Member the drawing of Marauder waaaaaaaay down there on the page, this is the secong attemp, colored in Photoshop :)

5/15 blackwolf.jpg
a black wolf I drew this summer.. I like it.. not thrilled with the coloring job though... Gonna come back a redo it later with photoshop ^_^

5/15 cheetah.jpg
a cheetah...

5/15 lion.jpg
a adolestent(?) male lion :) oop.. he's a touch crooked...

5/15 mountainkitty.jpg
a mountain lion climbing down the mountain side.. kinda.. -_-o

5/15 tacodog.jpg
reminsant of the taco bell dog.. uhmm... sorta... -_-o

5/8 Sunset
I like this one :)

5/8 bat
a bat! needs work, I know, but... so's life :)

5/8 tiger?
ok, it says tiger, but she lacks in stripes... tough :) she'll get stripes later :)

5/8 crying tiger
a rather sad looking tiger... in colored pencils

5/8 a fox...
a fox... floating down... in water? in colored pencils...

5/8 same as above
same as above, only not colored :)

5/8 lizards
a kindacuteidea I thought of while on the bus... -shrug- I messed up on her (the fox's) eyes... the black was suposed to be green and vis versa... *sigh* ah well

5/8 sad kitty
a rather sadlooking tiger grrl... maybe I'll do more with it... :)

5/8 wolfy :)
a wolf I drew... looks okay I guess :)

5/8 wolfcomic.jpg
well... I guess that (wolffy.jpg) was good enough for me to keep drawing... :) donno.. we'll see what happens with this, eh? :)

3/22 Arcanis-Fenris
a friend of mine from SPR... Arcanis-Fenris is (C) his player

3/22 a baby skunk head :)
a ky00t baby skunk head

3/22 a colored version of griffin.jpg
name says it all

3/22 Kitty couple
a couple of kitties cuddling :)...

3/22 a dragon :)
a dragon... :)

3/22 fox lady..
done this one before.... but this is about to be inked... I gottaclean the "doubles (read: the files that are just different stages of earsch pic) outta here...

3/22 a panda lady
a femal panda... with a guys arms... not on purpose though :)

3/22 a skunk
a skunk

3/22 a ky00t baby skunk
a ink baby skunk... need to color it...

3/22 a tiger's head
tiger head :)

2/12 'Nother Dragon
another dragon... copied from a book... :)

2/12 Centaur
ok... a bit twisted... and the human half sucks... but... the horse half looks pretty good :) this was copied off a book cover (not traced.. i don't trace)

2/12 Faun
a faun... gah.. the face and hands are horrible.... but the fur looks good IMHO. :) copied from a book

2/12 Dragon
a pic of a dragon that I (again) copied out of a book... looks pretty good I think :)

2/12 Griffin
ok, this is a pic of a anthromorphic griffin :) I donno what color she should be... what do y'all think? :)

2/12 griffin-bigger
the same one as the one up there, only a bit bigger... this one came out clearer I think... so :)

1/23? Tree
yup, this one again... but colored :) I wish I colored it though,, Thanks for coloring this, Ethelred... :)

1/23?a lady fox
A femal vulpine :) umm... I for got her tail.... good thing I didn't ink it yet :P

1/23?2 furrs inna tree
yup, this one is further down the page, but this one is inked :)

Dragon... from a book cover
It's not done yet though...donno if I ever will finish it...

same as above
It's the same pic as the one above, only smller... some tell me that this one looks ok, and others same it ruins the quaily... -shrug- you be the judge...

my SPR Muck Character Wolf in Cheetah form
Eek.. the paper's crinkled...

wolf again
Same Char, Same form, sitting at a desk...

those last two are just scetches.... gonna do more maybe.... I gotta arange this stuffs better....

Comic strip
'Tis only a rough scetch, but it's 2 dark perk huntin' the easter bunny... I'll get the final one here after I finish it

Two furs cuddling in a tree
:) I love the way this turned out... it's two furrys cuddling in a tree :) could be better though...

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