about me?

Dear heavens. does anyone read this thing? Seriously, if you're here, and reading this.. Geeze, Email me! I'd love to know. I took the counter off.. an' the guest book off ages ago.. there isn't much here.. so I can honestly say that I would love to hear how the hell you got here and *why* you stayed after taking a look at the first page with it's lousy HTML. In fact, email me, and tell me to redo this whole damned thing. It's been in existance nearly the entire time I've been on the internet--near 3 years, and I'm currently 17.. I *think* I can do a littlbe bit better than I did when I was 14. No more putting patches on stating 'oh yeah. if you go here you can find some newer artwork. No, really. I mean it.

Anyhow... I'm 17, as I mentioned, I live in Hawaii (yeah. whoo.) and I have my entire life. It sucks. Biggest thng of all about me: I'm FURRY! My hobbies include Drawing, reading, drawing, writing, watching anime, drawing, futzing about online and did I mention drawing? But no, I love drawing, and I love my computer. I wanna be a geek. I'm already the "local" tech support amonst my friends and my brother's friends ("Hey Jenny? How do I install Diablo II on this Mac? Yeah, I know you havn't touched a Mac since elementary school, but...") But I am not, by any means a geek... ...yet.

Uhm... Come to think of it, if you're here reading this, I probably know you from some MUCK or something, and pointed you towards something or another here and you went back to the root directory and are poining around in hopes of expanding your information of me. So.. you can ask me. Mkay? I don't bite. Really. If, by some miraculous happening, you can email me. Actually, I require (read: ask reeeally nicely) you to email me. Yeah, you know you want to. just right down there, the lil link. Click it. I'll wait, don't worry...

I got a pic of me up... of course, it's around 3 years old.. if you email me nicely, I'll point you to a newer one.. Or page me or whatever on whatever muck you know me from (I'm Colby, remember?)

Email me!!